Licensees Charter

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The Licensees of Clerkenwell aim to…
Promote the highest standards of management inside and outside of our premises;
Encourage our customers and staff to respect the local neighbourhood;
Ensure our premises are safe to use.

We will achieve this aim by:

1. Respecting residents in the area and being a good neighbour.

2. Being a responsible licensee, complying with Licence conditions and adopting high standards of management, including implementing the Challenge 21 scheme.

3. Managing smoking outside premises and litter arising from it, regularly sweeping up when the premises are open and immediately after closing.

4. Managing drinking outside of the premises– removing glasses and bottles, clearing tables and chairs when necessary, ensure no obstruction of the highway or noisy customers.

5. Not having irresponsible drinks promotions and using polycarbonates where it would reduce risk of injury and litter.

6. Actively discouraging use of illegal minicabs, promoting licensed cabs and use of public transport.

7. Informing customers that street urination is an offence and advertising locations of public toilets

8. Manage queues of customers outside of premises, to deter from drinking in the street, littering, blocking the highway and causing a public nuisance.

9. Actively discourage handing out flyers outside of our premises.

10. Having effective policies in place for dealing with drugs and weapons and procedures for searching, seizure and reporting to Police.

11. Ensuring that all means of escape are unobstructed and having a Fire Risk Assessment in place on the premises.

12. Attending the Clerkenwell Pubwatch to share information with the Police and Council. We agree to abide by this Charter and display it on the premises where it can easily be read by residents, customers and staff.

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